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After several knee surgeries due to a torn cruciate ligament, I had to undergo a long period of rehabilitation, which Mrs Ly accompanied me through. The sessions were very varied: massage, dry needling, acupuncture or exercise. I quickly noticed that Mrs Ly had a wide range of specialist knowledge. Not only her knowledge, but also her cheerful and motivating nature helped me a lot during my therapy. Even in  strenuous moments I had a lot of fun in physiotherapy. Merci beaucoup, Ms Ly!
Yann Tinguely, student from Fribourg
After a spinal injury and subsequent surgery, I was faced with the difficult task of finding a good physiotherapist. I decided to go with Mrs. Ly and was really lucky. She restored my quality of life within a very short time - and today I am even better than before my accident. I was particularly impressed by her empathy and her expertise, with which she always hit the right level of intensity during all phases of the therapy. So I was always challenged, but never overstrained and made fast and constant progress. Thank you very much, Ms Ly!
Ralf Schwarz, Tübach
Snowboarding is one of my hobbies, so I get injured now and again. This winter I dislocated my right shoulder. I was able to make fast progress thanks to an intensive and effective regime of athletic exercise and Ms Ly’s truly motivating approach. I have regained the full use of my shoulder even with the great stress and strain of work and of strength training. Ms Ly has such a friendly and competent way about her that I can recommend her in the future to others in all good conscience and with best wishes–but hopefully without a new treatment myself;-)
Alex Altwasser, Zürich
My family doctor prescribed physiotherapy for me because of a painful sciatica that was being treated with shots and various medications. The pain disappeared after just two series of treatments. Ms Ly is a highly competent and likable young woman.
Alice Weibel-Lang, Zürich
Breakdancing is a passion of mine. It gives me the inner peace I need to deal with stress in everyday life and helps me keep well-balanced. Completely unexpectedly, I felt this sharp pain in my lower back. Diagnosis: a shifted pelvis due to motion sequences that were causing unilateral strain. My family doctor therefore prescribed physical therapy for me. Ms Ly successfully eliminated the muscular tension in my back with dry needling. Her customized exercise therapy taught me how to correct imbalances such as shortened muscles and poor posture in proactive and lasting ways.
Thomas Ebneter, Uitikon
For years my daily life was overshadowed by chronic pain and progressively limited mobility due to a joint condition, medications and operations. Then the doctor treating my rheumatism recommended dry needling to me, a therapy I had never heard of before. Ms. Ly has a competent and spontaneous way about her that I liked. My pain was much reduced after just a few sessions.  We continue to work on it. I am confident my condition can improve even more!
Saya H. Oechslin, Kloten

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